Chris Schwiegelshohn


Tenure Track Assistant Professor

MADALGO (Center for Massive Data Algorithmics)

Department of Computer Science

Aarhus University


Velkommen, Benvenuto, Welcome!

In case you are confusing me with some other Chris Schwiegelshohn out there, I am the one working as a faculty member of the computer science department of Aarhus University.

I was previously working at Sapienza University. If you are a student with questions about one of my past courses, please contact me under <cschwiegelshohn"at">.

If you are not a former student of mine but want to contact me anyway, well it's the same email.


I work mostly on algorithm design. In particular, I like online, streaming, approximation and learning algorithms.

Publications you cannot find below you may be able to find at dblp or google scholar.