Cryptologic Protocol Theory

                               Ivan Damgård and Jesper Buus Nielsen

This is the 2010 version of the course - Please go to the The new home page

This is the home page of the course in Cryptologic Protocol Theory

We cover the basic concepts in protocol theory and look at a set of practical applications.

More details in the course plan below.

Time and Place

Monday 11-13 and Wednesday 12-14, Shannon 159


An oral exam at the end of the course. In addition, there is an exercise to hand in most weeks.

A correct answer to a hand-in gives you 1 point. A partially correct one gives 1/2 point, you

may then hand-in again and get 1 point instead. Exercises that are handed in too late can give

at most 1/2 point. There will be about 11 hand-in's and you need at least 8 points to go to the exam.

Participants can choose to follow an honors version of the course, you should only make this

choice after discussing with the teachers. Honors students will be given special exercises in

some weeks, and will, towards the end of the course, write a report on a subject chosen in

collaboration with the teachers.

Course Material

There may be revisions during the course, and more may be added. 

NOTE we currently do not plan to cover E-voting in this version of the course, instead other subjects

such as secure auctions will be covered. We keep the material on E-voting on the page for

those interested.

Background Material 

 - mostly for people who do not have much prior background in crypto before 

  taking this course. Will not be covered explicitly in the course.

More material will be added here as we move along, in case I have it available electronically. 


Course Plan

We will be covering the following main points in roughly the order listed. 



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