Algorithms for Web Indexing and Searching, Fall 2002

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Gerth Stølting Brodal and Rolf Fagerberg.

Time and place

Mondays 13.15-14.00 and Wednesdays 9.15-11.00 in Auditorium D4.

Course description

With the growth of the web and other online resources in recent years, the problems associated with managing massive amounts of primarily textual data have become increasingly important. Besides classical string algorithms and data structures, a variety of algorithms and techniques have recently emerged for indexing, filtering, searching, and transmitting these online resources. As witnessed by e.g. Google(tm), application of such techniques can significantly improve performance for search engines on the web.

In this course we will study the algorithmic issues involved in efficient indexing and searching of the web. Starting with classic string algorithms and data structures, we will continue with recent techniques such as indexing schemes for massive amounts of data, link-based ranking algorithms, spectral methods for graph analysis, clustering and nearest neighbor search in high-dimensional spaces, statistical methods for clustering documents, efficient near-equality testing using randomized algorithms and cache replacement strategies. This list of subjects is tentative, and may evolve during the course.

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September 2Introduction to course (slides ps | pdf)
Anatomy of Search Engines (slides ps | pdf)
September 4Anatomy of Search Engines
Web Crawling (slides ps | pdf)
September 9Web Crawling and Web Dynamics (slides ps | pdf)
September 12Focused crawling
Crawling the hidden web
September 16Project discussion 
September 18I/O model (slides ps | pdf), Sorting (slides ps | pdf), B-trees
Indexing (slides ps | pdf)
[MRYG00],[WMB99],[GT98, Pages 660-663]
September 23Hashing[WMB99]
September 25Tries, Ternary trees[BS97],[MM90]
September 30 Project discussion 
October 2Suffix trees, Suffix arrays[U95],[MM90]
October 7Efficient computation of PageRank[H99]
October 9Efficient computation of PageRank, Authoritative sources[H99],[K99]
October 14Fall break 
October 16Fall break 
October 21Extensions of Kleinbergs algorithm [CDRRGK98],[CDGKRRT98],[BH98]
October 23Optimal merging (slides ps | pdf)
Classical information retrieval - models and ranking
[BB99, Chapter 3],[BR99, Section 2.5.1-3, 3.2, 8.4]
October 28Querying [BR99, Section 4.2-3]
October 30Fingerprinting, Document resemblance[B93],[B97],[BGNZ97]
November 4Clustering[B97],[BGNZ97]
November 6Clustering[HGI00]
November 11Clustering large matrices[DFKVV99]
November 13Latent semantic indexing[BDB94],[AFKMS01]
November 18Cancelled 
November 20Cancelled 
November 25Cancelled 
November 27Finding mirrored hosts[BBDH00]
December 2The web as a graph[GL02],[BKMRRSTW00],[KRRSTU00]
December 4Cancelled ("Åben dag") 
December 9Bayesian classifiers[L98]
December 11Cancelled (moved to December 12) 
December 12
Auditorium D4
Guest lecture
René DePont Christensen, Thomas Rask Thomsen (Dreamgate)
December 16SALSA[LM01]
December 18Computational game theory and mechanisms design[P01]


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