Olivier Danvy

Communication in Computer Science: Reviews, Papers, and Talks

      Research results in computer science are peer-reviewed, read, and listened to.
      To communicate our results, we thus need to write them down,
      submit what we wrote to peer review, and present them orally.
      These lectures are dedicated to
      (a) criticism: how to receive and to offer reviews,
      (b) the written word: how to read and to write papers, and
      (c) the spoken word: how to attend and to give talks,
      for one needs to breathe in in order to breathe out.

The 2015 NUS lectures:

This communication seminar is designed so that it is practically useful
and so that it is also fun to a reasonable degree:
if you can smile about something, you have already started to reflect about it.

Watching students grow is a joy. -- Albus Dumbledore
30 June 2017 -- danvy@cs.au.dk