My bioinformatics tools and software

PriFi - a multiple-alignment PCR primer designer.

GeM prospector - a web based pipeline for designing genetic marker candidates based on ESTs from related species.

Phy·fi - a tool for drawing phylogenies and other trees in the Newick format.

primique - design specific primers for each member in a set of (similar) sequences.

Gexcellent - simple conversion tool that translates ARB XML files into Newick format (developed for use in connection with Greengenes and its GRUNT software).

DATFAP - Database of transcription factors with alignments and primers.

An interactive table showing the results of running our genetic marker pipeline on legume data.

The results of running our genetic marker pipeline on grass data. - a neat Python program which formats any(?) Python program to nicely colored tex code.

Appendix for my gap graph paper.

Finding peptide masses in a proteine: Number Swapping .

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