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Reasoning about Resources Seminar:
Reasoning about Low-level Languages
Fall 2001

Lars Birkedal

August 30, 2001

The aim of this seminar (or study-group) is to investigate recent work on logics for reasoning about resources with a particular focus on their application in devising logics for reasoning about programs written in low-level programming languages that allow the direct manipulation of pointers, etc. There are a number of exciting open problems in the area which will be mentioned along the way and there are also some very interesting connections with many other areas, including type systems for low-level languages, linear logic, and algol-like languages. We will touch on some of these connections during our course of study.

The seminar will have the following format. We meet once a week, for two hours. We take turns presenting the reading material (according to the suggested plan below) and leave time for discussions of technical points. It is encouraged to go through concrete, sometimes extensive, examples when presenting material.

Ph.D. students who participate in this seminar with the intention of getting credit for it, should present papers at least once during the semester.

Meeting time: Fridays 1-3 PM.

First Meeting: Friday August 31, 2001.

Room: the one just next to 4.32, Glentevej 67, 2400 Kbh. NV

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