Constructive Logic Project
Spring 2001

Course Notes

  • Introduction to Constructive Logic and Mathematics by Thomas Streicher. The course notes used for this course.
  • Some Additional Online Reading Material

  • Proof Interpretations by Ulrich Kohlenbach. Course notes from PhD-course at BRICS.
  • Goedel's Funtional Interpretation by Jeremy Avigad and Solomon Feferman. Survey article.
  • Computation and Logic by Jeremy Avigad. Introductory course notes for a course on logic and computation.
  • Classical and Constructive Logic by Jeremy Avigad. Introductory notes on the relation between classical and constructive logic.
  • Sets, Models, and Proofs by Jaap van Oosten and Ieke Moerdijk. Course notes for introductory logic course.
  • Some Additional Offline Reading Material

  • Grigori Mints: A Short Introduction to Intuitionistic Logic

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    Lars Birkedal