Advanced XML / Data on the Web Fall 2002
Lars Birkedal


Lectures are given given by Lars Birkedal (LB) and Michael Schwartzbach (MIS).

Note that lectures may cover material which is not in the notes, so the reading cannot replace class attendance.

The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester!

Homeworks are handed out two weeks before they are due, see here for details.

Date Lecture Lecturer Reading

Tue Aug 29 Intro and overview of the course. Semistructured data model.   LB   ABS Ch. 2 + 6.4.3 + Vianu: A Web Odyssey...

Tue Sep 03 XML data model. Semantics of Patterns   LB   ABS Ch. 3 + Bosak: XML, Java and the Future of the Web + Wadler: A Formal Semantics of Patterns in XSLT + Moeller et. al.: XML Revolution Ch. 3 + 5

Tue Sep 10 Programming with XML: DOM and SAX   LB   Moeller et. al.: XML Revolution

Tue Sep 17 Query Languages   LB   ABS Ch. 4-5 + Moeller et. al.: XML Revolution Ch. 6 + Deutsch et. al.: A Query Language for XML

Tue Sep 24 Types I: Schemas for Unordered Data   LB   ABS Sec. 7.1-7.5 + Nestorov et. al.: Extracting Schemas from Semistructured Data

Tue Oct 01 Cancelled, illness   LB  

Tue Oct 08 Types II: Schemas for XML   LB   Moeller et. al.: XML Revolution Ch. 3 + Simeon et. al.: The Essence of XML + Klarlund et. al.: DSD: A Schema Language for XML

Tue Oct 22 Types III: XDuce and Regular Expression Languages   LB   Hosoya et. al: Regular Expression Types for XML + Hosoya et. al: Regular Expression Pattern Matching for XML Hosoya et. al: XDuce: A Typed XML Processing Language

Tue Oct 29 Report on PLan X Conference   MIS Hosoya and Murata: Validation... Campillo XMLTK:... Benzaken CDuce:... Connor

Tue Nov 05 Automata Theory and XML   MIS Neven: Automata, Logic and XML + Neven: Autamata Theory for XML researchers+ Neven et. al.: Automata- and Logic-based Pattern Languages for Tree-structured Data

Tue Nov 12 Semistructured Data and Mobile Computation   LB Cardelli: Semistructured Computation + Cardelli et. al.: TQL: A Query Language for Semistructured Data Based on the Ambient Logic

Tue Nov 19 XML in JWIG and Project Suggestions   MIS   TBA

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Lars Birkedal