Models and Languages for Concurrency and Mobility Spring 2002
Lars Birkedal


Lectures are given given by Lars Birkedal (LB), except for the last two lectures, which are given by Thomas Hildebrandt (TH)

Note that lectures may cover material which is not in the notes, so the reading cannot replace class attendance.

The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester!

Homeworks are handed out one week before they are due, see here for details.

Date Lecture Lecturer Reading Homework Due

Thu Feb 07 CCS I   LB   Milner, Ch. 1-3  

Thu Feb 14 CCS II   LB   Milner, Ch. 4-5  

Thu Feb 21 CCS III   LB   Milner, Ch. 6-7  

Thu Feb 28 CCS Examples + Pi I   LB   Milner, Ch. 7   Assignment 1

Thu Mar 07 Pi I   LB   Milner, Ch. 8-9  

Thu Mar 14 Pi II   LB   Milner, Ch. 10-11.5  

Thu Mar 21 Pi III   LB   Milner, Ch. 11.5-12   Assignment 2

Mar 26-Apr 01 Easter Break

Thu Apr 04 Pi IV   LB   Milner, Ch. 13-14  

Thu Apr 11 Ambients   LB Sewell Applied Pi Sec. 1+2, Cardelli: Mobility and Security  

Thu Apr 18 Ambients   LB Cardelli: Mobility and Security   Assignment 3

Thu Apr 25 SmartCard Calculus   TH    

Thu May 02 SmartCard Caculus   TH     Assignment 4

May 06 - May 31 Project Period

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Lars Birkedal