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Models in JAOO

The model in the JAOO site is a collection of XML documents, each describing people, events, locations, etc.

  <title>What is an Agile Method</title>
    Giga Information Group predicts that 2/3 of all corporate IT will be
    using an Agile method within the next 18 months, and that roughly 25%
    are examining agile processes currently.  What is an Agile method,
    and why are all these companies interested in it?

    Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas are two of the 17 founders of the Agile
    Alliance, whose Agile Manifesto has been extensively written about
    throughout the industry and in mainstream press such as "The Economist".
    In this talk, they will discuss the Agile Principles and Practices,
    the problems that they solve, and give a brief overview of the leading
    Agile methodlogies.
  <start hour="11" minute="15"/>
  <stop hour="12" minute="00"/>

  <name>Andy Hunt</name>
  <company>Independent Consultant</company>
    Andy Hunt is an avid woodworker and musician, but curiously, he is more in 
    demand as a consultant. He has worked in telecommunications, banking, financial 
    services and utilities, as well as more exotic fields such as medical imaging,
    graphic arts, and Internet services. Andy specializes in blending tried-and-true 
    techniques with leading-edge technologies, creating novel -- but practical --