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Participants at MADALGO Summer School 2013

An important aim at MADALGO was to maintain a vibrant international environment at the main center site at Aarhus University.

To support this goal, MADALGO encouraged and supported short term and longer term (e.g. sabbatical) visits of faculty from other institutions with center related research interest. Similarly, visits from PhD students and Post Docs were also encouraged and supported. 

It is stikll possible to visit the Aarhus MADALGO researchers, even thopugh the center is no longer active. 

Please contact Professor Lars Arge for more information.

Aarhus University - a good place to be

Annual regatta, 2013

In addition to being a world class university, Aarhus University prides itself on having a great student environment where social activities are a fun part of everyday life on campus. At the heart of campus, the University Park, the social committees of the different departments gather to battle out the annual regatta.

This recurrent festive occasion draw more than 20.000 spectators, mainly students and staff from the university. The traditional regatta has been held for 15 years.