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How to get to MADALGO

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The MADALGO center site is located at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark. More precisely, the center is to be found in the 'Nygaard' building at the IC-city, Katrinebjerg. Arriving address is Helsingforsgade 14, 8200 Aarhus N.

Travelling to Aarhus

By plane

Note: it may be cheaper and more convenient to book a plane to Copenhagen and go by train to Aarhus. 

Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup (AAR) 

This is the airport located closest to Aarhus. The airport bus from Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup stops at the University (Randersvej v. Nobelparken) and at the main train station in Aarhus. 

Duration: 45 min

Cost: DKK 100

You should notify the driver if you need to get off at the 'Randersvej v. Nobelparken' bus stop. From the bus stop Nobelparken, it is only a short walk to MADALGO. We do not recommend taking a taxi from the airport, as the charge will be around DKK 650.

Billund Airport (BILL)

This airport is located 120 km south of Aarhus. The airport bus from Billund Airport stops at the central bus station at the city center. 

Duration: 1 1/2 hours

Costs: DKK 180

There are regular busses from the airport to Aarhus (though not for every flight as is the case when you fly into Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup.)

We do not recommend that you take a taxi from the airport to Aarhus, as the cost will be around DKK 1300. 

Copenhagen Airport/Kastrup (CPH)

The principal international airport in Denmark is situated close to Copenhagen. From Copenhagen you can travel directly to Aarhus by train.

Duration: 3 1/2 hours

Cost: DKK 412 (including seat reservation) 

We recommend that you reserve a seat as the trains are often fully booked.

You may also choose a domestic flight to Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup.

Duration: 40 min

Cost: around DKK 1200 (prizes may vary)

By train

There are frequent trains from Copenhagen to Aarhus and also many from Hamburg (and thus the European train network). Please use the Journey Planner to schedule your trip by train.

Once you reach Aarhus central station go out through the main entrance. Opposite the main entrance you will fin a 7-Eleven. Turn left in front if the shop and continue around the corner, you will pass a Burger King along the way. Shortly thereafter, you will arrive at the bus stop for bus 2A (direction 'Skejby Sygehus') and bus 13 (direction 'Frydenlund') - the direction of the bus is given above the front window. These busses pass by the university. Get off at the stop 'Storcenter Nord' (bus stops are announced through a speaker in the bus). From here, it is only a short walk via Finlandsgade until you reach MADALGO. 

Our recommendations

As trains from Hamburg are relatively slow we recommend flying into Denmark. 

There are then basically two options:

1. Flying into Copenhagen and taking a short domestic flight (40 min) followed by an airport bus (45 min.) to Aarhus

2. Flying into Billund and taking an airport bus (minimum 90 min.) to Aarhus. 

Option 1 is often the most convenient if you can get a good flight into Copenhagen - mostly because there is an airport bus awaiting every flight. If you fly Scandinavian Airlines or another Star Alliance carrier into Copenhagen you can often get the Aarhus leg very cheap (check with your travel agent). Taking the traing from Copenhagen to Aarhus is also an option - the train departs convenient from below the airport and goes directly to Aarhus (the ride takes around 3.5 hours).

Option 2 is often convenient if you arrive into one of the major European hubs (like Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris) that all have direct flights to Billund. But make sure to check that there is a airport but that fits the timeframe of your flight.