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Offers from AU

  • University International Club (UIC): UIC provides a social and cultural meeting platform all year round. This platform serves as the perfect place to gain knowledge, to exchange mutual experiences and to connect with foreign employees whether you are a newcomer or have already spent some years in Denmark. 
  • Folkeuniversitetet (The Danish University Extension): Experience researchers explain the recent theories, methods and results within their scientific area. The lectures are for everyone interested in gaining new knowledge and inspiration in an international context - and Folkeuniversitetet welcomes both internationals and Danes. All lectures are free and you can sign up for a single evening or multiple days.
  • PhD House Activity Group: An association at Aarhus University that organizes events of interest to PhD students and postdocs at AU. The vision is to serve as a social hub for PhD students and postdocs across academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. All events are held in English.