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Student posters

Monday afternoon (August 10) is reserved for a student poster session.

We invite all summer school participants to bring a poster presenting their current research or thesis project.

There is no constraints on posters sizes. Multimedia presentations of participants work (e.g. animations) are also welcome (please let us know in advance if you plan a multimedia presentation).

In any case please send an email to Trine Holmgaard (tjh@cs.au.dk) with the topic of your poster/presentation. If you include the poster/presentation in your e-mail we will upload it below.

REMEMBER: It is important that you bring a PAPER VERSION of your poster to be presented at the summer school and you will also be responsible for mounting it. We will provide walls, pins etc. ready for you to mount.

Polina Rozenshtein, Aalto University, 'Discovering Dynamic Communities in Interaction Networks'
Veronica Loitzenbauer, University of Vienna, 'Efficient Algorithms for Graph Problems in the Verification and Synthesis of Systems'
Pavel Kovel, ECS-MMCI, 'Faster Spectral Sparsification of Laplacian and SDDM
Allyx Fontaine, University of Bristol, 'The K-mismatch Problem Revisited'
Slobodan Mitrovic, EPFL, 'The weight of an MST in the MapReduce model'