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Course material


Piotr Indyk

Sudipto Guha

Ravi Kumar and T.S. Jayram

Martin Strauss

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Lecture slides

Piotr Indyk: Introduction. Norm/Count estimation.

Sudipto Guha: Metric data. Clustering. Graph data.

Piotr Indyk: Geometric data. Clustering. MST.

T.S. Jayram: Lower bound I

T.S. Jayram: Lower bounds II

Sudipto Guha: Random order streams.

Ravi Kumar: Lower bounds 1 + 2.

Martin Strauss: Heavy hitters. Wavelets and histograms.

Martin Strauss: Compressed sensing, LP-based decoding, & Combinatorial decoding.

Background material

From the following links you may acquaint your self with the subjects of the summer school. The links direct to seminars etc. in which the lecturers of this Summer School have been involved.