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Casper Kejlberg-Rasmussens PhD defens

2013.11.18 |

Casper Kejlberg-Rasmussen obtained MADALGO PhD degree

Casper Kejlberg-Rasmussen obtained his PhD degree November 18, 2013. Title of the PhD dissertation: "DYNAMIC DATA STRUCTURES: THE INTERPLAY OF INVARIANTS AND ALGORITHM DESIGN"

2013.11.11 |

Vaida Ceikuté obtained PhD degree

Vaida Ceikuté obtained her PhD degree November 11, 2013.  The title of the PhD dissertaion:  "New Applications for GPS Trajectories in Advanced Location-Based Services"

Robert Tarjan, MADALGO Summer School 2013

2013.10.16 |

Professor Robert E. Tarjan featured in PROSA in connection with MADALGO Summer School 2013

Professor Robert E. Tarjan is cited in the new volume of PROSA October 2013, amongst other things in connection with his visit to MADALGO during the MADALGO Summer School in August 2013. You can find the new volume of PROSA here.

Photo: Colourbox

2013.09.24 |

MADALGO researchers publish in Nature Communications

Using big remote-sensing-based data sets, MADALGO Assistant Professor Brody Sandel and MADALGO Associated Professor Jens-Christian Svenning have published a study in Nature Communications showing that human impacts across the globe cause forests to become restricted to steep terrain. A press release can be found on Aarhus University's website.

2013.09.13 |

Pankaj Agarwal appointed honorary doctor at Aarhus University

In connection with Aarhus University’s annual celebration on September 13, MADALGO advisory board member and close collaborator Professor Pankaj K. Agarwal of Duke University has been appointed honorary doctor at Aarhus University. Interviewed by AU journalist, Rasmus Rørbæk, Pankaj says: "I’m very pleased with the collaboration with Aarhus…

2013.08.22 |

Lars Arge in TV news broadcast

Lars Arge participates in an in-depth TV news broadcast with the headline: Cloudburst season - New map will help find the way (Skybrudssæson - Nyt kort skal hjælpe på vej). The broadcast is made by DR2 Dagen.

2013.06.11 |

MADALGO selected as success story in a new DNRF publication

The Danish National Research Foundation has selected 8 stories about how curiosity and ground-breaking research have led to application and commercialization.

2013.05.30 |

MADALGO awarded grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology foundation

In collaboration with the company COWI and center startup SCALGO, MADALGO was awarded a 3M DKK grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology foundation to develop new and improved large-area flood risk screening tools. Press release.

2013.05.17 |

Kasper Green Larsen obtained MADALGO PhD degree

Kasper Green Larsen, Aarhus, May 17, 2013. The title of the PhD dissertation: "Models and Techniques for Proving Data Structure Lower Bounds"

2013.04.19 |

Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education visits MADALGO

On Friday April 19, 2013 the Danish Minister for Science, innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard visited MADALGO to see "What successful research and innovation look like".

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