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Old News

2011.10.25 |

Kasper receives Best Student Paper Award at FOCS’11

MADALGO PhD student Kasper Green Larsen receivesBest Student Paper Award at FOCS’11 held at Palm Springs, California from October 23-25, 2011.

Map: Brody Sandel, photo: Dennis Pedersen

2011.10.06 |

MADALGO researchers publish in Science

As part of an interdisciplinary team led by MADALGO associated researcher and head of the Universities Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity Group (ECOINF) Professor Jens-Christian Svenning, MADALGO and ECOINF Postdoc Brody Sandel and MADALGO center director Lars Arge have published results in the prestigiousScience magazine that show that ancient climate…

2011.10.04 |

MADALGO associate, Jens-Christian Svenning, receives Ebbe Nielsen Prize

Jens-Christian Svenning was October 4, 2011 awardedwith the Ebbe Nielsen Prize. The award is given by GBIFwhich was founded in 2001 to encourage free and open access to biodiversity data, via the Internet. The award amounts to 30.000 euro. Jens-Christian Svenning's collaborative research with MADALGO researchers has contributed to the…