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2013.04.30 |

CTIC researchers Tore Kasper Frederiksen and Jesper Buus Nielsen get paper accepted at conference in Canada

Tore Kasper Frederiksen and Jesper Buus Nielsen got the paper Fast and Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation Using the GPU accepted at the 11th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS 2013), Banff, Alberta Canada.

2013.04.25 |

Postdoc Position at CTIC at Aarhus University

CTIC (Center for the Theory of Interactive Computation) offers postdoc positions within the theory of computation and related areas at Aarhus University, Denmark.

2013.04.15 |

CTIC researcher Daniele Venturi gets papers accepted at conferences in USA and Latvia

CTIC Post Doc Daniele Venturi gets papers accepted at PETS 2013 and ICALP 2013

2013.04.08 |

CTIC reseacher Jie Zhang gets paper accepted at ACM-EC 2013

Post Doc Jie Zhang got the paper "What You Jointly Know Determines How You Act - Strategic Interactions in Prediction Markets." accepted at the 14th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce in Philadelphia, USA.

2013.04.08 |

CTIC reseachers get papers accepted at IJCAI 2013

PhD student Simina Branzei and Post Doc Jie Zhang from Aarhus University gets paper accepted at IJCAI 2013, Beijing - China.