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About CTIC

CTIC is a Sino-Danish research center funded by the Danish National Research Foundation  and by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NFSC). The center is a tight collaboration between the Computer Science Department at Aarhus University, Denmark and IIIS, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Research within the center focuses on four related areas of theoretical computer science:

• Computational Complexity Theory, the study of computational resources needed to do computation, providing the necessary foundation for understanding feasibility or infeasibility of computational tasks.

• Cryptography, the study of how interactive computation can be made secure, a crucially important ingredient in an internet-based society.

• Quantum Informatics, the study of how information processing works when the behavior of communication and computing equipment is governed by quantum mechanics, a study that becomes necessary, as our electronic equipment grows too small for classical physics to apply.

• Algorithmic Game Theory, the study of how multi-agent systems behave when agents have conflicting interests, a necessary perspective towards understanding interaction on networks spanning diverse sectors and countries across the globe.

The four areas represent different perspectives on our main subject, and each of them offers a necessary contribution to the scientific challenge of interactive computing. On the other hand, they are, in fact, intimately related, and very exciting research opportunities are just now emerging in the border areas between them.