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CFEM – Center for Research in the 
Foundations of Electronic Markets

CFEM - Center for Research in the Foundations of Electronic Markets

- is a research center committed to combining and advancing state-of-the-art of Computer Science and Economics. More specifically, we deal with cryptography, algorithmics, complexity, game theory and mechanism design. Our results will be used to design, analyze and implement new efficient and secure solutions for any type of electronic trading.
This includes auctions, procurement, market regulation, cost allocation and new emerging types of markets on the Internet.


2014.08.13 | News type, CFEM

Paper accepted at CANS 2014

Bernardo David got a paper accepted at CANS 2014

2013.03.05 | CFEM

Workshop on New Trends in Mechanism Design II

On June 25-28, 2013, the workshop 'New Trends in Mechanism Design II' will take place in Aarhus. The workshop is organized by the Center for Research in the Foundations of Electronic Markets (CFEM), and the Sino-Danish Center for the Theory of Interactive Computation (CTIC).

2012.04.26 | CFEM

Carmit Hazay gets paper accepted at PODC

Title: Distributed Public Key Schemes Secure against Continual Leakage. Carmit Hazay has got her paper accepted at 31st Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC) in Madeira, Portugal. PODC is a conference that focuses on research in the theory, design, specification and implementation of distributed systems.

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The Alexandra Institute,

Danish Competition Authority,

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