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2013.10.31 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

You can't guess what the user wants

Telehealth solutions may fail if the users are not involved in the development process. Postdoc at Computer Science, Erik Grönvall is part of a Lev Vel project, which uses participatory design to understand and develop better telehealth solutions.

2013.10.31 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

New deputy head of research at the Department of Computer Science

Professor Lars Birkedal is from mid October new Deputy Head of Research at the Department of Computer Science.

2013.10.31 | Public/media, Staff

Kurt Jensen new head of AU Summer University

From summer 2014, Department Head Kurt Jensen from the Department of Computer Science will be head of AU Summer University.

2013.10.03 | Featured, Public/media

Young talents compete with robots for the finals in Asia

A ticket to the World Robot Olympiad in Indonesia is at stake when more that 100 young people from across the country meet in Aarhus during this weekend to compete with robots that they have built and programmed themselves.

2013.10.03 | Staff, Featured, Public/media

Capital for development of secure Dropbox

Researchers from Department of Computer Science and the Alexandra Institute are behind a secure key management system based on secure Multi-Party Computation. The Danish company Sepior has received capital for the development.

2013.10.03 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

Heart patients can look forward to more efficient MRI scanning

Collaboration between computer scientists and cardiologists could provide faster and – for the cardiac patient – more comfortable MRI scanning in future.

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