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2013.05.30 | Public/media, Featured, Lecture / talk

Distinguished Lecture by Turing Award winner Andy Yao, Tsinghua University

Andy Yao,one of the superstars in Computer Science, is currently visiting CTIC and will give a lecture on Friday 31 May 2013.

2013.05.29 | Public/media

Thomas Dueholm Hansen has been awarded the Aarhus University Research Foundation's PhD prize

Thomas Dueholm Hansen was one of the five PhD students on Tuesday 28 May 2013 who received the Aarhus University Research Foundation PhD - prize along with a check for DKK 50,000 as recognition. Thomas has demonstrated that a classic programming problem cannot be solved the way it was previously assumed.

2013.05.17 | Public/media

Industrial PhD brings knowledge to smart cities

PhD project contributes to the development of techniques for handling large live data streams On the 1st of April, industrial PhD Peiman Mamani Barnaghi started his research project. The purpose of the project is to contribute to the development of techniques for handling large live data streams. While enrolled under the industrial PhD scheme,…

2013.05.17 | Public/media, Featured

Teacher of the Year 2013

Five teachers are nominated for the award as Teacher of the Year at the Department of Computer Science. All students in CS are eligible to vote and have the opportunity to participate in the vote for Teacher of the Year. Teacher of the Year price in 2013 will be presented on May 31 at 13:15 at Computer Science Day

2013.05.15 | Public/media

Jakob Nielsen receives ACM SigCHI lifetime practice award

Computer science graduate Jakob Nielsen received ACM SigCHI lifetime practice award, in connection with the CHI conference in Paris.

2013.05.02 | Public/media, Featured

IT students in the finals for the newly founded Innovation Award

The five AU students behind the WasteAware project to minimize the waste of food in kitchens, hope that being in the playoff for a major innovation award will make more companies aware of their project.

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