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2013.01.28 | Staff, Public/media

How data intensive systems can be used in practice

In the latest production of the video series "Ud af boksen" professor Christian S. Jensen explains how data intensive systems can be used in practice, for example in the development of google spectacles, driverless cars and prediction of traffic accidents.

2013.01.24 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

Workshop on markets, pricing and smart grids

In a not so distant future, we will be able to get smart electricity from our power sockets. This may lead to easier, cheaper and greener energy for consumers and an entirely new market for power providers. On Thursday, scientists and experts meet to discuss how Denmark can structure a power grid that balances the needs of the environment,…

To the left is Jacob Markussen, who was one of the first graduates in IT product development in summer 2012.

2013.01.23 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

IT graduate, entrepreneur - and 1 million DKK richer

Jacob Markussen, who has graduated in IT product development at Aarhus University in 2012, has just received 1 million DKK from Østjysk Innovation. The money will be used to further develop his company, Ingenium Golf, which he started up while he was studying at Aarhus University. The company develops IT equipment for golfers.

2013.01.15 | Featured, Public/media

Computer scientists on the scent of flocks of people

Humans are gregarious by nature. But when do people constitute a flock and when are they simply random passers-by going in different directions? The answer to this question is extremely interesting because it can provide better opportunities for planning events, emergency services and smart control of buildings. And computer scientists at Aarhus…

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