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Special talk with Lars Rohwedder on The Many Facets of Scheduling

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Thursday 21 March 2024,  at 10:30 - 11:30




Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University

Title: The Many Facets of Scheduling

Abstract: Inspired by the practical challenges of coordinating jobs, machines, and time, the field of scheduling continues to influence fundamental algorithms research like few other fields do. Part of its popularity comes from the deep and versatile methods used and the many connections that scheduling has to other areas.

Focussing on such connections, I will present some contributions of my research towards resolving major gaps in our understanding of Scheduling. Specifically, I will describe how recent progress in max-min fair allocation gives us hope to answer a long-standing question about makespan scheduling. Moreover, I will explain how the notoriously difficult flow time objective has become surprisingly manageable, in part due to insights from discrepancy theory.