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Good advice for new students

The social aspect

You will be meeting a lot of new people, when you study at the Department of Computer Science, and you will have plenty of opportunities to dive into the social life. The two student unions SOFA (for computer science students) and DSAU (for IT students) have events throughout the year, and Regnecentralen is a location made for cosy meet ups and social events.

Aarhus – a city of students

It’s easy to tell that Aarhus is a city of students! Almost one in five people in Aarhus is a student, and the university is located centrally in the city. Are you still looking for a place to live or do you want to know more about the big events happening at the university – or do you just want to know more about Aarhus? You can find more info about the city of students here.

The work

It can be overwhelming to start studying at the university, where the way of teaching is much different from what you are used to. It’s important that you know and understand the curriculum, and you will find great study facilities at the department, which also has a study café, where you will meet both tutors and teachers, who will answer all your questions. You can read more about the study enviroment here.

Stay updated

There is a lot of information to keep track of when starting university. We made it easy for you to keep track of current events: You can just follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up for our newsletter, which is sent out about every three-four weeks.


We’ve mentioned it before – there’s a lot to keep track of. So our key advice is: Ask! Ask your tutor during intro week (and after), ask your mentor, who will be close by all during your first year or ask your teacher – we are happy to help answer your questions and find solutions for big as well as small issues.