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When we reach out...

The department is involved in variety of PR and outreach activities covering initiatives such as student recruitment, development of skills among high school and primary school teachers, career services and news/media production.

The planning and coordination of the outreach activities are carried out by the PR-committee and the Outreach committee in cooperation with ST, AU and external partners.

Goals for outreach

To attract the best high school students to our degree programmes.


  • GPA of students admitted from high school.
  • Number of CS popular science articles in national media.


  • Host a yearly career event (kdag.au.dk).
  • Continue to expand and develop events and initiatives in close dialogue with the high school system and ST (SRP, ATU, Sub-University, Master Classes etc.)
  • Support education of informatics teachers in high schools by contributing to the development of teaching resources for high school teachers and to the continued education high school teachers.

To raise the general awareness of computer science education and research in the public but also within academia, industry and the educational system.


  • Number of CS popular science articles in national media.
  • Number of interdisciplinary research projects with external partners.


  • Establish a business club.
  • Host at least one in-house alumni event every year and improve relationships with alumni.
  • Reinforce the visibility of our department in the media by producing more focused and application-oriented articles about our research activities and education.
  • Support and develop alumni activities/initiatives.
  • Actively engage in industrial matchmaking.