Leakage Resilient Cryptography and Multi Party Computation

This is the homepage for the crypto study group taking place in the spring 2011 at Århus University

Here can be found schedules of meetings, and links to reading material connected to each meeting. The [L] links are local caches of the papers, in case this page should outlive some of the linked ones.

Papers (on Leakage)

Papers (on MPC)

The following is a (sub)list of the references used in this year's winter school on MPC. It is here intended as a guideline: if you have any suggestion on changing this list, you are very welcome to write me an e-mail about that. Moreover, I was not able to find some papers on e-print. If you have any info on where to find them, please give me a hint, so that I can fix the links.

Background and Definitions

The Yao Construction

The GMW Construction

The BGW Construction for the Information-Theoretic Setting

Two-Party Computation for Malicious Adversaries

Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Efficient Secure Computation with an Honest Majority

The IPS Compiler and Related Constructions


1st Meeting - March 2nd

Jakob on


2nd Meeting - March 8th

Pavel on


3rd Meeting - March 17th

Pavel & Peter - take 2.

4th Meeting - April 6th

Angela & Sarah on


5th Meeting - April 15th

Angela & Sarah - take 2.

6th Meeting - April 29th

Adriana on


7th Meeting - May 5th

Adriana on


8th Meeting - May 31st

Valerio on

9th Meeting - June 1st

Morten on



Videos (Winter School on MPC)

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