A guide to implementing simple level set methods

Jonas Larsen (jonas@daimi.au.dk) and Thomas Greve Kristensen (geko@daimi.au.dk)

The authors of this page followed a course in implementing level set methods, including the use of the narrow band method in fall 2005. The course was run as a study group, supervised by Ken Museth and Michael Bang Nielsen. We decided to publish the report written in the course, along with the source code of our framework written in Java. The report is written as a guide for people who are about to implement some of the level set methods. It is supposed to be an easy-to-use-guide, and the sections containing arguments for the underlying mathematics can therefore be omitted.

Our program can be run as a stand-alone application, demonstrating the capabilities of the level set methods. The program can be run by downloading the jar-file and running it by typing java -jar LevelSet.jar.

If you have found our project usefull, please credit and contact us.

Implemented methods

The following methods have been implemented, and can be tested from our program:

The downloads