Søren Eller Thomsen

Who am I?


I am a Ph.D. student in the Logic and Semantics group at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University.

I am supervised by Bas Spitters.



  • A Dependently Typed Library for Static Information-Flow Control in Idris.
    Simon Gregersen, Søren Eller Thomsen and Aslan Askarov. POST '19. [PDF].
  • WIP: Formalizing the Concordium consensus protocol in Coq.
    Bas Spitters, Thomas Dinsdale-Young, Daniel Tschudi and Søren Eller Thomsen. CoqPL '19. ACM, 2018. [PDF].

Other Activities

Conferences and workshops

  • EUTYPES, Aarhus, Denmark, October 8 - 9, 2018.
  • POPL, Lisbon, January 16-18, 2019.
  • CoqPL, Lisbon, January 19, 2019.