Conflict of Interest Check

What is this tool?

This tool was designed to compare the list of co-authors of a given author to the list of PC members for a conference, to check for conflict of interests. It can produce some "false positives" because it is cumbersome to disambiguate the name of a PC member. Both the co-authors and PC members' unique URLs are retrieved from DBLP and compared.

What do the fields mean?


  • Entity Disambiguation: It matches on author urls, but this is not a 100% accurate as it is not easy to disambiguate the PC member from just the name.
  • It does not get the list of co-authors and restrict it to the ones that you have coauthored with in the past 3 yrs.
  • It does not assist with the other COI rules, Ex: past supervisors, colleagues etc.


Bugs and Comments

  • Bug reports and comments can be e-mailed to me at: Anyone interested in improving the tool by fixing the layout (I am not a web programmer :)) or interested in fixing Caveats can contact me for the souce code.