NameJakob Truelsen
Phone+45 30284083


Strictly Implicit Priority Queues: On the Number of Moves and Worst-Case Time
Alenex 2014
Space Efficient Data Structures and External Terrain Algorithms
Jakob Truelsen
PhD Thesis 2015
Simplifying massive planar decompositions
Lars Arge, Jakob Truelsen, Jungwoo Yang
Alenex 2014
An Optimal and Practical Cache-Oblivious Algorithm for Computing Multiresolution Rasters
Lars Arge, Gerth Stølting Brodal, Jakob Truelsen, Constantinos Tsirogiannis
ESA 2013
Finger Search in the Implicit Model
ISAAC 2012
Simplifying Massive Contour Maps
ESA 2012
A Cache-Oblivious Implicit Dictionary with the Working Set Property
ISAAC 2010
Cell Probe Lower Bounds and Approximations for Range Mode
ICALP 2010


Perspectives in Computer ScienceFall 2014
Algorithms and Datastructures 2Spring 2014
Algorithms and Datastructures 1Spring 2014
Perspectives in Computer ScienceFall 2013
Algorithms and Datastructures 2Spring 2010
Algorithms and Datastructures 1Spring 2010
Computers and NetworksFall 2009
Computers and NetworksFall 2009
Algorithms and Datastructures 2Spring 2009
Algorithms and Datastructures 1Spring 2009
Computability and LogicFall 2008
Operating SystemsFall 2008
Operating SystemsSpring 2008
Distributed SystemsSpring 2008
Computability and LogicFall 2007
Machine ArchitectureFall 2007

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