BRICS PhD School Core Course


                       1999 version, Ivan Damgård

[last update: November 18, 1999]

This is the home page of the 7-week course in Cryptography for new BRICS PhD students,
(and whoever else may be interested).

We cover some basic concepts and results in theoretical and practical cryptography (see
the plan below for specific subjects), with an emphasis on a theory-based approach.

Time and Place

Tuesday 13-14, Aud. D4
Thursday 9-11 Aud. D4


Will consist of hand-in exercises during the course, and a take-home exam at the end of
the course.

Course Material

More material will be added here as we move along, in case I have it available electronically.

Course Plan

We will be covering the following main points in roughly the order listed.


Here are some assorted links to various places of interest: