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High-level Scientific Conferences - Participant Questionnaire

High-level Scientific Conferences

Participant Questionnaire

Section I - Contract Information
Please request the data to complete this section from the event organizer

Contract Number - mandatory   (example: HPCFCT-2000-00001)


Event Number - mandatory (example: type 3 for the third event)

Proposal Short Title - optional but recommended
Event Short Title - optional


Section II - Personal Information

Family Name

First Name


Country of work

Age Group

Professional Level
Job situation
Employer activity
Employer Legal Status
How was your participation financed
What was your contribution to the event?
How many similar events have you attended before?


Section III - Event Evaluation

Is the topic of the event well chosen, i.e. are there strong scientific, technological or socio-economic reasons?
Is the topic of the event of interest to a wider scientific community, i.e. is there some degree of multidisciplinarity?
Do you think the current state-of-the-art has been well covered during the event?
Was the event the forum for the presentation of major scientific achievements?
How would you rate the programme content?
How would you rate the quality of invited keynote speakers/lecturers?
How would you rate the organization and management?
How would you rate the venue (including conference rooms, poster halls, accommodation)?
How would you rate your expertise in the field before the event?
How would you rate your expertise in the field after the event?
Have you established contact with scientists you did not know before?
If so, do you think these contacts will lead to follow up actions and scientific collaborations?
Will this event help to maintain or contribute towards achieving European leadership in the field?
How would you rate the nationality balance of participants and speakers?


Section IV - Future Prospects

How many more years would you like to work in research?
For what working environment are you aiming?
Do you plan working outside your home country?
If yes, where?
If yes, how long?
Would you like to attend a similar event in the future?


Section V -Comments
Optional: Please do not exceed 250 characters

Please review your answers and press [Submit] once when ready.

Participants should fill this questionnaire whenever they attend a HLSC funded event.

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