DAIMI TeX installation on Mac OS X 10.2
To make it compliant with the DAIMI TeX installation.

Install TeXLive

Insert latest TExLive CD (get it from Kaja or alternatively get it from ww.tug.org/texlive). Open .../Applications/Utilties/Terminal
% cd /Volumes/TeXLive-TUG2002/

% sudo bash install-cd.sh
Since the install script does not propose a platform choose one by typing P and select
<C> Mac OSX/Darwin 5.3
by typing R such it writes
Current platform: Mac OSX/Darwin 5.3
Return to main menu by typing R

Choose installation scheme by typing S and select texlive_full by typing D Now customize it. First language collections by typing L. Deselect all by typing -.
Then choose the ones you want (e.g. Danish, UK English and Other hypenation files)

Return to main menu by typing R

Change directories by typing D

Change TeXDir from /usr/TeX to /usr/local/teTeX by typing 1k and set new value to /usr/local/teTeX

Return to main menu by typing R

Do the insatllation by typing I. This takes quite a while!

Add a soft link:

cd /usr/local/teTeX/bin

sudo ln -s powerpc-darwin5.3 powerpc-apple-darwin-current
In this way the various front ends can find the TeX binaries

Install DAIMI TeX local additions

Skip thsi section if you do not want the local DAIMI TeX additions.

The local DAIMI TeX additions are on harald placed in /opt/local/TeX/texmf-local. These should be copied to /usr/local/teTeX. This can be done with .../Applications/RBrowserLite. RBrowserLite must be able to write in /usr/local/teTeX, but because the TeXLive installation is done as root/superuser (sudo), /usr/local/teTeX is owned by root and only root can make changes there. There are two possibilities, either run RBrowserLite as root (sudo open .../Applications/RBrowserLite, I guess - haven't tried) or change owner of /usr/local/teTeX:

sudo chown NN /usr/local/teTeX
(perhaps sudo chown -R NN /usr/local/teTeX would be better) Now remove the /usr/local/teTeX/texmf-local installed by TeXLive (it is just a bunch of empty directories)
sudo rm -rf org-texmf-local
open RBrowserLite,

choose the menu item Go > New Site... and in the Login panel choose Protocol: FTP (not Public FTP),
Host/Url: harald,
username: NN,
Password: ****,
Path: /opt/local/TeX

Choose the menu item Go > Local Viewer (if not already open) and navigate to /usr/local/teTeX. Then drag the texmf-local folder from the FTP View folder to the Local View Folder (approx. 25 Mb). Done.

Get the i-Installer

If you do not need to run dvips (because you include eps-files) and can do with pdflatex, please skip the next two sections.


get II2.dmg, mount it and put the i-Installer application in .../Applications/Utililties

Change the place where local copies of packes are stored to e.g. /users/NN/Misc/i-Packages (Default is /users/NN/Documents/i-Packages) to avoid back up of the files (in case you ~/Docments/... are backed up).

Get TeX i-Packages


If you want to use dvips+ghostscript next to pdfTeX, you need

  • Ghostscript 8 (for Mac OS X 10.2)
Open i-Installer and choose the menu item i-Package > Known Pacakges i-Directory...

Double click Ghostscript8 from e.g. http://tug.org (in the house - so close :-)

Choose install (needs root password), say yes to the question Add fonts to map?

This installs gs, ps2pdf and other commands to /usr/local/bin

Answer yes to: Add /usr/local/bin to CLI environement?

Ghostscript fonts are placed in: /usr/local/share/ghostscript.
Docs in /usr/local/share/ghostscript/8.00/doc and examples in /usr/local/share/ghostscript/8.00/examples

Get TeX frontend

Got latest (1.28 at the time of writing) TeXShop from www.uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/texshop.html

Double click texshop.dmp to mount disk image

Drop TeXShop application in the .../Applications folder and on doc.
Drop TeXShop_Folder (examples and documentation) in ~/Misc (created earlier)


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