Practical Research Projects - Project Description

Project Description

This is a description of a Practical Research Project associated with the PREP course

Project Title

A Study of Mobile Location-aware Services' Use of Space and Place



Matthias Korn.

Second level advisor: Susanne Bødker.


The goal of this project is to study how people use existing mobile location-aware services to interact with their physical environment. The project specifically aims at an analysis of the ways in which these systems mediate this engagement from a user perspective and relates this to the notions space and place as coined in [1] and [2].

Examples (and a non-authoritative list of potential candidates) for such services to study are Foursquare, Facebook Places, and Yelp in general and SeeClickFix, CitizenConnect, FixMyStreet, and VoterMap more specifically in the domain of participatory urban planning.

The study may be conducted through a (yet-to-be-determined) range of methods: a user experience-based analysis inspired by [3], a content analysis of user contributions, a static analysis of the features of such systems, or the other appropriate methods.

  1. Harrison, S. and Dourish, P. 1996. Re-place-ing space: the roles of place and space in collaborative systems. In Proceedings of the 1996 ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work (CSCW '96), 67-76.
  2. Dourish, P. 2006. Re-space-ing place: "place" and "space" ten years on. In Proceedings of the 2006 20th anniversary conference on Computer supported cooperative work (CSCW '06), 299-308.
  3. McCarthy, J. and Wright, P. 2004. Technology as Experience. The MIT Press.

Learning Outcome


One or more of the following courses: user experience, social and collaborative computing, designing interactive technologies or similar graduate courses.