Ph.D. Students

  1. Yu Ma (AU), March 2012 to present.
  2. Qiang Qu (AU), October 2011 to present.
  3. Manohar Kaul (AU), September 2011 to present.
  4. Anders Skovsgaard (AU), August 2011 to present.
  5. Laura Radaelli (AU), August 2011 to present.
  6. Vaida Ceikute (AU), September 2010 to present.
  7. Anders Henriksen (AAU), February 2005 to present. Topic: Personalization in enterprise information systems. (Co-supervised by Per Egil Pedersen, University of Agder.)
  8. Nerius Tradišauskas (AAU), June 2006 to present. Topic: GPS data management. (Co-supervised by Harry Lahrmann, Aalborg University.)
  9. Rico Wind (AAU), August 2006 to present (3-month leave due to an internship at Google Research). Topic: Middleware for context-aware mobile services.
  10. Darius Šidlauskas (AAU), August 2008 to present. Topic: Main-memory indexing. (Co-supervised by Simonas Šaltenis, Aalborg University.)
  11. Morten Goodwin Olsen (AAU), September 2008 to August 2011. Towards automated e-government monitoring. (Co-supervised by Mikael Snaprud, University of Agder.)
  12. Carmen Ruiz Vicente (AAU), January 2008 to August 2011. Topic: Enabling location-related privacy in geo-social mobile Internet services.
  13. Dingming Wu (AAU), August 2008 to June 2011. Topic: Spatial keyword query processing.
  14. Kostas Tzoumas (AAU), September 2007 to June 2011 (6 months of leave due to internships at Microsoft Research). Topic: Techniques for the efficient management of non-uniform data and workloads.
  15. Dalia Tiešytė (AAU), January 2006 to November 2009. Topic: GPS data management with applications in collective transport.
  16. Maria Magdalena Ruxanda (AAU), September 2005 to January 2009. Topic: Intelligent sound data management.
  17. Stardas Pakalnis (AAU), August 2004 to April 2007. Topic: Spatial tracking and event monitoring for mobile services.
  18. Agnė Brilingaitė (AAU), August 2003 to August 2006. Topic: Location-related context in mobile services.
  19. Huang Xuegang (AAU), August 2003 to August 2006. Topic: Query processing in relation to moving objects.
  20. Laurynas Speičys (AAU), August 2002 to August 2007. Topic: Data modeling and query processing for location-enabled services.
  21. Anders Friis-Christensen (AAU), June 2000 to October 2003. Topic: Modeling and management of multiple representations and of quality aspects of geographic data.
  22. Simonas Šaltenis (AAU), August 1998 to September 2001. Topic: Indexing of continuous phenomena.
  23. Giedrius Slivinskas (AAU), August 1998 to September 2001. Topic: Layered, temporally enhanced, list-based query processing.
  24. Janne Skyt Winter (AAU), June 1998 to September 2001. Topic: Specification-based data reduction in temporal and multidimensional databases.
  25. Dieter Pfoser (AAU), August 1997 to September 2000. Topic: Spatio-temporal query processing.
  26. Torben Bach Pedersen (AAU), February 1997 to April 2000. Topic: Clinical data warehousing.
  27. Heidi Gregersen (AAU), February 1996 to May 1999. Topic: Temporal database design.
  28. Kristian Torp (AAU), August 1995 to October 1998. Topic: Temporal DBMS implementation techniques.

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