Practical Research Projects

Q1+2 2013, Q3+4 2014, 5 ECTS


The purpose of Practical Research Projects is to give the students an opportunity to work together with the scientific staff at the department (PhD students and their advisors) in connection to ongoing research projects. This will give the students an introduction to the research work environment and strengthen the connection between the research and teaching activities.

Learning outcome

The participants will become able to:

Additional more specific learning outcomes are specified in the individual project descriptions.

Open projects

Open projects are projects that have already been defined by a project owner (supervisor), but so far does not have an associated student who is performing it. If a project on the list has an associated quarter which has already started (or even ended), it may well be possible for the project owner to run the project later on, which is the reason why the projects are not automatically removed when the indicated quarter is about to start.

If you are a student looking for a PREP to perform and there is no open project that matches your interests, you should note that it is always possible for a project owner and a project performer to make plans for a project and propose by email that it is registered as a PREP. This is actually a quite common way to establish PREPs today.

Current projects

Former projects

How to participate

See the list above of open projects. If you wish to participate, send an application by email to the project owner (listed under 'Responsible' for each project) containing

Note that projects may require certain courses as prerequisites for participation. Participation is generally limited to students enrolled in the master's program (i.e., excluding bachelor's students).


The daily contact will typically be taken care of by PhD students (and their advisors, as formally responsible for the activities). Erik Ernst coordinates the list of research projects and the applications for participation.


Written report, presentation for the research group (15 minutes), and oral examination (15 minutes). Grade by 7-scale.