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Example: article.xml, Part III

...the book example described in Section<nbsp/><ref idref="sec:bookexample"/>.

These two kinds of <tt>title</tt> elements can be defined as follows:
<ElementDef ID="book-title" Name="title"

<item id="dsddoc99">
  <authors>Nils Klarlund, Anders Møller, and Michael I. Schwartzbach</authors>
  <title>Document Structure Description 1.0</title>
  <publisher>AT<amp/>T <amp/> BRICS</publisher>

<person img="" 
        alt="" width="100">
<bf>Nils Klarlund</bf> received his Ph.D.<nbsp/>(Liberal Arts) from
Finkelstein Mail-Order College in 1989. He has bungled through life
since then, before remarkably landing a real job a AT<amp/>T, whose
stock value has subsequently plunged 43<percent/>. By the generosity of
numerous co-authors, his name appears on several publications.
<it>Homepage:</it> <link href=""