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The article example continued

Some applications of XLink, XPointer, and XPath for article documents:
1.  document inclusion
Using show="embed", one could divide article.xml into a document for each section plus one combining the others using XLinks.

2.  section references
A very typical use of XLinks is to create HTML-like links inside a document, e.g. from section references to sections (as label and ref in LaTeX).

3.  post-it notes
Using out-of-line links and a smart browser, a group of people can annotate an article with "post-it notes" for discussion - without having write-access to the document. They simply need to agree on a set of URIs to XLink linkbases defining the annotations. The smart XLink-aware browser lets them select portions of the article (as XPointer ranges), comment the portion by creating an XLink to a small XHTML document, view each others comments, even place comments on comments, and perhaps also aid in structuring the comments.

4.  index in external linkbase
Using external linkbases, the index section of an article can conveniently be specified separately from the article itself. The article just contains an xlink:external-linkset link to the document defining the index.

5.  cross-references between articles and article bases
The reference section of an article could contain XLinks to other article documents. These links may be collected in large article bases.