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PhDs Produced in the Programming Languages Group

PhD student Supervisor Date Dissertation title
Christoffer Quist Adamsen Anders Møller 23-05-2018

Automated Testing Techniques for Event-Driven and Dynamically Typed Software Applications

Fabio Strocco Anders Møller 08-09-2016 Type Soundness in the Dart Programming Language
Esben Andreasen Anders Møller 24-08-2016 Designing abstractions for JavaScript program analysis
Magnus Madsen Anders Møller 19-05-2015 Static Analysis of Dynamic Languages
Jacob Johannsen Olivier Danvy

On Computational Small Steps and Big Steps: Refocusing for Outermost Reduction
Casper Svenning Jensen Anders Møller 09-03-2015 Automated Testing of Event-Driven Applications
Asger Felthaus Anders Møller 09-01-2015 Pointer Analysis for JavaScript Programming Tools
Ian Steven Zerny Olivier Danvy 09-12-2013 The Interpretation and Inter-derivation of Small-step and Big-step Specifications
Jakob Grauenkjær Thomsen Erik Ernst 27-09-2013 Consistency in the World Wide Web: Specification, Verification, and Evaluation
Mathias Romme Schwarz Anders Møller 23-04-2013 Design and Analysis of Web Application Frameworks
Simon Holm Jensen Anders Møller 23-04-2013 Static Analysis for JavaScript
Johnni Winther Michael Schwartzbach 22-03-2012 Improving precision of types
Anders Bach Nielsen Erik Ernst 26-10-2010 Initializing and Evaluation of Nested Class Structures
Michael Achenbach Olivier Danvy 07-10-2010 An Engineering Approach to Dynamic Program Analysis by Layering Language Abstraction
Christian Martin Hofer Olivier Danvy 07-10-2010 Embedded programming Languages and Their Representation
Karl Bernhard Klose Olivier Danvy 02-09-2010 On the expressiveness of Declarative Meta-Languages
Janus Dam Nielsen Michael I. Schwartzbach 28-05-2009 Languages for Secure Multiparty Computation and Towards Strongly Typed Macroes
Doina Bucur Mogens Nielsen 21-11-2008 On Context awareness in Ubiquitous Computing
Kristian Støvring Sørensen Olivier Danvy 24-10-2007 On Reasoning Equationally: Lambda Calculi and Programs with Computational Effects
Jan Midtgaard Olivier Danvy 20-06-2007 Transformation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Higher-Order Procedural Programs
Kevin Millikin Olivier Danvy 01-05-2007 A Structured Approach to the Transformation, Nomalization and Execution of Computer Programs
Jooyong Lee Mogens Nielsen, Olivier Danvy 26-02-2007 Program Validation by Symbolic and Reverse Execution
Karl Kristian Krukow Mogens Nielsen 17-11-2006 Towards a Theory of Trust for the Global Ubiquitous Computer
Christian Kirkegaard Michael I. Schwartzbach, Anders Møller 04-10-2006 Programming with XML
Aske Simon Christensen Michael I. Schwartzbach 04-05-2006 Something to do with Java
Mads Sig Ager Olivier Danvy 30-01-2006 Partial Evaluation of String Matchers & Constructions of Abstract Machines
Malgorzata Biernacka Olivier Danvy 27-01-2006 A Derivational Approach to the Operational Semantics of Functional Languages
Henning Korsholm Rohde Olivier Danvy, Andrzej Filinski 19-12-2005 Formal Aspects of Partial Evaluation
Dariusz Piotr Biernacki Olivier Danvy 15-12-2005 The Theory and Practice of Programming Languages with Delimited Continuations
Marco Carbone Mogens Nielsen 30-06-2005 Trust and Mobility
Jørgen Iversen Mogens Nielsen, Peter Mosses 12-05-2005 Formalisms and tools supporting Constructive Action Semantics
Pawel Sobocinski Mogens Nielsen 03-12-2004 Deriving process congruences from reaction rules
Bartosz Klin Peter D. Mosses 28-11-2003 An Abstract Coalgebraic Approach to Process Equivalence for Well-Behaved Operational Semantics
Daniele Varacca Glynn Winskel 24-11-2003 Probability, Nondeterminism and Concurrence: Two Denotational Models for Probabilistic Computation
Mikkel Nygaard Glynn Winskel 21-11-2003 Domain Theory for Concurrency
Mario Jose Caccamo Glynn Winskel 23-06-2003 A Formal Calculus for Categories
Giuseppe Milicia Mogens Nielsen 16-06-2003 Applying Formal Methods to Programming Language Design and Implementation
Federico Crazzolara Glynn Winskel 15-05-2003 Language, Semantics, and Methods for Security Protocols
Jiri Srba Mogens Nielsen 14-04-2003 Decidability and Complexity Issues for Infinite-State Processes
Frank Valencia Mogens Nielsen 05-02-2003 Temporal Concurrent Constraint Programming
Claus Rasmussen Brabrand Michael I. Schwartzbach 24-01-2003 Domain Specific Languages for Interactive Web Services
Anders Møller Michael I. Schwartzbach 30-09-2002 Program Verification with Monadic Second-Order Logic & Languages for Web Service Development
M. Oliver Möller Mogens Nielsen 19-04-2002 Structure and Hierarchy in Real-Time Systems
Niels Damgaard Michael I. Schwartzbach 01-10-2001 Using Theory to Make Better Tools
Bernd Grobauer Olivier Danvy 31-08-2001 Topics in Semantics-based Program Manipulation
Lasse Reichstein Nielsen Olivier Danvy 31-08-2001 A Study of Defunctionalization and Continuation-Passing Style
Morten Rhiger Olivier Danvy 17-08-2001 Higher-Order Program Generation
Daniel Damian Olivier Danvy 18-05-2001 On Static and Dynamic Control-Flow Information in Program Analysis and Transformation
Thomas Seidelin Hune Mogens Nielsen 27-03-2001 Analyzing Real-Time Systems: Theory and Tools
Jesper Gulmann Henriksen Mogens Nielsen 26-05-2000 Logics and Automata for Verification: Expressiveness and Decidability Issues
Marcin Jurdzinski Mogens Nielsen 18-12-2000 Games for Verification: Algorithmic Issues
Anders Thorhauge Sandholm Michael I. Schwartzbach 18-02-2000 Programming Languages: Design, Analysis, and Semantics
Thomas Troels Hildebrandt Glynn Winskel 16-11-1999 Categorical Models for Concurrency: Independence, Fairness and Dataflow
Gian Luca Cattani Glynn Winskel 08-02-1999 Presheaf Models for Concurrency
Kim Sunesen Mogens Nielsen 11-06-1998 Reasoning about Reactive Systems
Ole Ildsgaard Hougaard Michael I. Schwartzbach 20-05-1998 Tractable Type Inference made Easy
Søren Lassen Peter D. Mosses 12-12-1997 Relational Reasoning about Functions and Nondeterminism
Peter Øbæk Peter D. Mosses 14-03-1997 Trust and Dependence Analysis
Torben Braüner Glynn Winskel 08-11-1996 An Axiomatic Approach to Adequacy
Allan Cheng Mogens Nielsen 24-05-1996 Reasoning about concurrency
Urban Engberg Glynn Winskel 05-01-1996 Reasoning in the temporal logic of actions
Sten Agerholm Glynn Winskel 20-02-1995 Prioritized and independent actions in distributed computer systems
Claus Torp Jensen Glynn Winskel 20-02-1995 Prioritized and independent actions in distributed computer systems
Henrik Reif Andersen Glynn Winskel 07-06-1993 Verification of Temporal Properties in Concurrent Systems
Jens Palsberg Peter D. Mosses 24-08-1992 Provably correct compiler generation
Madhavan Mukund Mogens Nielsen 24-08-1992 Models and logics in concurrency - achievements and major open problems
Uffe Henrik Engberg Mogens Nielsen 19-03-1990 Interleaving versus noninterleaving in the theory of concurrency
Gudmund Frandsen Mogens Nielsen 18-08-1986 Semantik af logikprogrammering