Sports & Clubs

Outdoor sports

  • Aarhus Kano - og Kajakklub: Go sailing in Aarhus bay in a canoe or a kayak along with a group of people. 
  • Friluftsliv Aarhus: Here you can find a map with many outdoor activities that are offered in the area, such as fire rings, shelters,parks, outdoor fitness areas, beaches, marked routes and more. The website is in Danish, but the different locations are marked with symbols, so they are easy to find. All the activities are free to use, but for some of the shelters you have to book a time.
  • Aarhus University Sports Club: The club is an umbrella organization with 16 member clubs, offering a wide range of different sports from football, handball, gymnastics, and rowing to bridge, Kenikan, fenching, chess, and more.

Indoor sports

  • Ancient Bamboo Yoga Center: A small yoga center downtown in Aarhus with an English-speaking coach.
  • AU Exercise Centre: If you are employed at Aarhus University this is the cheapest way to exercise. The exercise center offers a wide variety of modern machines for weight and fitness training, a sauna, scales and bathing and changing facilities.
  • Badeanstalten Spanien: The oldest indoor swimming pool in Aarhus situated in the middle of the city. There is access to a training pool as well as a wellness bath. 
  • Fitness World: One of many fitness chains situated throughout the city. This one however is the cheapest. Sign up in the center or on their website.