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CS Colloquium - Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen

2019.06.26 | Dorthe Haagen Nielsen

Date Fri 06 Sep
Time 15:15 16:00
Location Building and room TBD

Title: Computational Complexity in Life, the Universe, and Everything Algorithmic Game Theory

Abstract: TBA

About the lecture:

This lecture is organised to celebrate that Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen has been granted DKK 2.4 mill from the Independent Research Fund Denmark to do research in computational complexity in relation to game theory. The project will consider the computational complexity of equilibria and fixed points, where Kristoffer will study the complexity of equilibrium refinements and evolutionary stable strategies. Kristoffer will also study the computational complexity of Kakutani fixed points with applications to market equilibria.

There will be coffee and cake for everyone at the lecture.

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