MADALGO students in top-5 in the Northwestern Europe Regional Programming Contest (NWERC)

2008.11.08 | Trine Ji Holmgaard Jensen

MADALGO Participants from left: Adam E. N. Thomsen, Kasper D. Larsen, Thomas Mølhave (coach), Mark Greve and Jakob Truelsen. The remaining contestants were: Thomas Dueholm Hansen and Jens Boldsen.

Following a local qualification tournament, CS @ Aarhus University sent 2 teams of three students to theNWERC 2008 in Utrecht, Holland. Team “MADALGO Men” finished in fourth place and team “The Underdogs” placed a fifth. Thus both AU teams finished in top-5 out of 47 participating teams.

In the competition teams are faced with five hours of problem solving. The problems are programming problems typically of algorithmic nature. The objective is to  solve as many problems as possible within the five hours with one computer per team. Scores are calculated mainly on the basis of how many problems the team solves and secondarily on the time spend to answer each problem correctly.

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