CFEM – Center for Research in the 
Foundations of Electronic Markets

CFEM - Center for Research in the Foundations of Electronic Markets

- is a research center committed to combining and advancing state-of-the-art of Computer Science and Economics. More specifically, we deal with cryptography, algorithmics, complexity, game theory and mechanism design. Our results will be used to design, analyze and implement new efficient and secure solutions for any type of electronic trading.
This includes auctions, procurement, market regulation, cost allocation and new emerging types of markets on the Internet.


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Best paper award at SAGT 2016

Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen, Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen and Michal Koucký received the best paper award at the 9th International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory (SAGT) for their paper “The Big Match in Small Space”. Congratulations!

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Ivan Damgaard awarded Order of the Dannebrog

Professor Ivan Damgaard has been awarded the honourable Order of the Dannebrog by HM Queen Margrethe II.

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Best student paper award at the 25th USENIX Security Symposium

Jesper Madsen (master student) and Irene Giacomelli (PhD student) received the Best Student Paper Award at the 25th USENIX Security Symposium for their paper "ZKBoo: Faster Zero-Knowledge for Boolean Circuits" which they wrote in collaboration with Claudio Orlandi. Congratulations!

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From basic research to applicable spin-off technology

The CFEM project is coming to an end, and on July 7, Center for the Foundations of Electronic Markets hosts a reception for partners and others interested. Ivan Bjerre Damgård, Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University and one of the Center Managers of CFEM, sums up the highlights of the project.

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Upcoming Events

Wed 20 Feb
16:15-17:45 | Store Auditorium (5510-103), Incuba Science Park, Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N
Microsoft Tech Talk - Reactive Mobile Development with Realm
Reactive Mobile Development with Realm: Though technologies like Apple's Key-Value Observation have long existed, the modern developer can benefit from adopting a more robust Reactive paradigm. Through the lens of Realm db on iOS, we'll discuss the design patterns and benefits of using a reactive-flavored mobile database. We'll see the benefits of cleaner mobile architecture and an easier foundation to provide offline support.
Fri 22 Feb
15:15-16:00 | Building 5335, room 016 (Peter Bøgh Auditorium)
CS Colloquium - Kasper Green Larsen: In Pursuit of Optimality
What would you rather compute with a paper and pencil, 3'593'103 + 1'502'348 or 3'593'103 x 1'502'348? Most sane people would prefer adding the two numbers. But why?
Mon 01 Apr
13:30-14:30 | Nygaard-395 (5335-395). Åbogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Theory Seminar - Sean Chester: Triad Enumeration at Trillion-Scale using a Single Commodity Machine
A /triangle/, in the context of undirected graphs or social networks, is a set of 3 vertices that are all connected to each other. A /triad/ is the analogue for directed graphs and has 7 unique forms (up to isomorphism).

Center Leaders

Ivan Bjerre Damgård

H 5335, 277
P +4587156258
P +4520837137

Peter Bogetoft


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Ivan Bjerre Damgård

H 5335, 277
P +4587156258
P +4520837137

External partners

Peter Bogetoft, professor, Dep. of Economics, CBS

School of Economics and Management, Aarhus University,

Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University,

Copenhagen Business School,

Institute of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen,

The Alexandra Institute,

Danish Competition Authority,

Partisia Market Design, TradeExtensions, Inno:vasion, DONG Energy, 


Financed by

The Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation



Grant for CS activities

  • 26.500.000 DKK