Annemette Hammer receives ST TAP award 2014

Our head of secretariat Annemette Hammer receives the ST TAP Award 2014 for outstanding administrative performance. Congratulations - it is well-earned!

2014.06.24 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

She was given the recommendation for the following reasons:

Annemette Hammer provides a fantastic performance - not just at Department of Computer Science, but also in many other AU matters.

  • She is a highly skilled and competent Head of Secretariat, who is extremely popular and respected by all staff groups as well as the students.
  • Her workload is both qualitative and quantitative in line with the most persistent members of academic staff  and she is very dedicated to the well-being of the department.
  • She has, in parallel with her work, completed an MBA, giving her an even better foundation for her work.
  • She is the co-instigator of many interdisciplinary activities, e.g. exchange of experience groups for heads of secretariats, contacts with the various administrative divisions and she always puts herself and members of technical/administrative staff team at disposal to assist colleagues at other departments.
  • She has, within the past year, made oral presentations to HR back office (organizational development and working environment), ST Research and Talent, SPARTO project management group and the expert panel with a view to improve their understanding of the departments' daily lives and needs.
  • She is member of a wide variety of working groups, among other things, the SPARTO project, Career paths for members of the technical/administrative staff, HR contact committees, HR troubleshoot group, Research and Talent contact committee, Economics contact committee and the planning group for TVÆRS (a network of heads of secretariat at AU, she herself helped to start).
  • She is a member of the board of Studenterhusfonden.
  • She is a member of various committees at the  Department of Computer Science, including being a very active chairman of the Office Committee.
  • She has a close contact with the students at the Department of Computer Science, e.g. regarding the Friday bar, music room and other practical things and in this connection she puts in a lot of work in order for the students to feel comfortable and welcome at the department.
  • She is the initiator to start a social staff club at the Department of Computer Science.
  • She always sees opportunities, rather than problems.
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