2016.02.05 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Inauguration talks by Gerth Stølting Brodal and Olivier Danvy

To celebrate that Gerth Stølting Brodal and Olivier Danvy have been appointed professors at the Department of Computer Science, the department hosts their Inauguration talks on February 12, 2016.

2016.01.22 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Kasper Green Larsen awarded a Villum's Young Investigator grant

Kasper Green Larsen, Department of Computer Science, has been awarded DKK 5 million for the ‘Algorithm Limitations’ project.

2016.01.21 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

AUFF grant FounData

Ira Assent and Susanne Bødker received an AUFF grant for their project entitled "FounData: Creating tools and methods for Data Foundations". The project has been funded as part of the AUFF NOVA scheme

2016.01.20 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

AUFF starting grants to CS researchers

Kasper Green Lasen and Aslan Askarov received an Assistant Professor Starting Grant and an Associate Professor Starting Grant respectively

2015.12.18 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Discover floods before the rain comes

A new digital map developed by SCALGO in a collaboration with the University of Aarhus can predict where rain water runs when we are hit by floods. It gives new possibilities for knowing how cities should be climate adjusted.

2015.12.17 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media, CFEM , CTIC

Therefore, do not make your own encryption

Jakob Bjerre Jakobsen's computer science thesis confirms that if you face having to make your own app that encrypts chat or other computer program that guarantees conversations via encryption, it is safer to use a proven, state-of-the-art product.

2015.12.14 | Awards, CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Sapere Aude grants awarded to two young researchers at Department of Computer Science

The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) has just awarded DFF-Research Talent grants. Among the recipients are Thomas William Dinsdale-Yong and Kasper Svendsen, who are both postdocs at Department of Computer Science, AU.

2015.11.30 | People , Faculty, CS frontpage, Staff, Public/media, Featured

CS appoints two new Professors

It is with great pride and pleasure that the Department of Computer Science has appointed two new Professors from the departments’ permanent staff. Congratulations to Gerth Stølting Brodal and Olivier Danvy.

2015.11.20 | CS frontpage, PIT , Featured, Public/media

Best Paper Award to Clemens Klokmose and Siemen Baarder

Clemens Klokmose received the Best Paper Award at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) for the article: "Webstrates: Shareable Dynamic Media"

2015.10.23 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

FutureHacks 2015 winners!

Clean sweep by AU IT-Product Development students at Madrid Hackathon. Two teams from the IT Product Development program took part in the 2015 "FutureHacks IoT hackathon" 9-11th October i Madrid, claiming both 1st and 2nd prize. Congratulations to the teams!, and thanks to the sponsors it-vest and Datalogforeningen for supporting the CS…

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