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2015.02.25 | Public/media, Staff, Awards, Eliteforskning, Featured

EliteForsk Award to Professor Lars Birkedal

On the basis of his ground-breaking research, which is of inestimable importance for the understanding of modern complex programming languages, Professor Lars Birkedal receives the EliteForsk Award 2015 of DKK 1.2 million from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

2015.02.18 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

Kasper Svendsen and Thomas Dinsdale-Young receive PostDoctoral grants.

The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) has just awarded a postdoctoral grant under the Natural Sciences program to Kasper Svendsen and another under the Technology and Production Sciences program to Thomas Dinsdale-Young.

Foto: Colourbox

2015.02.18 | Staff, Featured

New streetnumber for the Nygaard entrance from Helsingforsgade

The street number for the entrance to the Nygaard building from Helsingforsgade is from now on number 12 - instead of number 14 (earlier) which is the number for the entrance to the Wiener and Turing building.

Et sted ude i fremtiden kan verden være i stand til at interagere med os - uden brug af mus og tastaturer. (Foto: Colourbox)

2015.02.18 | Public/media, Staff, Featured


While processors becomes an ever greater force, the human world is almost reinvented in line with what is technologically possible. Today, we incorporate different layers in it with smartphones and other technologies. At some point in the future we don’t need to bring the gadgets. Then the world will be adapted to us.

2015.02.05 | Featured, Research news, Staff, Public/media

CFEM researchers exams NemID public keys in collaboration with NemID

In January 2014, researchers from the “Cryptography and Security” group of the Department of Computer Science of Aarhus University contacted Nets DanID A/S to receive a database of the public keys of all Danish NemID users, with the goal of checking whether NemID public keys were vulnerable to attacks.

2015.02.05 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

The Hyperkinetic Kayak exhibited in New York

The Hyperkinetic Kayak is the result of a collaboration between the artist Jette Gejl, Peter Møller-Nielsen from Department of Computer Science and Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI). It is included in an exhibition in Scandinavia House in New York under the common title "Voyage to the Virtual". The exhibition is open from…

2015.02.05 | Public/media, Featured, Staff

We are ‘easy’ to find

Researchers have just shown that it is relatively simple to reidentify people based on a few details about the use of credit cards when the data sets are anonymised. The work has just been published in the renowned journal Science.

2015.01.16 | Featured, Public/media

A world premiere in Interactive Football

The Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group at the Department of Computer Science and the Alexandra Institute have developed THE | BOUNCER - the world's first interactive ballgame and training system that uses balls and rebounder frames.

2014.12.19 | Featured, Public/media

Is it possible to make good telemedicine and telehealth without the users' experience?

The health care system will be challenged in many areas: There are several people with a chronic illness, the new hospital buildings mean fewer beds and a longer distance to the hospitals. At the same time the citizens to an increasing extent want to be active.

2014.12.17 | Featured, Awards, Public/media, Staff

Thomas Dueholm Hansen recieves postdoc grant from the Carlsberg Foundation.

Thomas Dueholm Hansen has received a 1,250,000 DKK postdoc grant from the Carlsberg Foundation.

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