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2014.06.27 | Featured, Public/media

Kurt Jensen is stepping down after fifteen years as Head of Department

In the fifteen years since his appointment, during a period of rapid development, he has played a key role in getting a broad and diverse field of research in dialogue together, creating Denmark’s strongest IT department.

2014.06.24 | Featured, Staff, Public/media

Annemette Hammer receives ST TAP award 2014

Our head of secretariat Annemette Hammer receives the ST TAP Award 2014 for outstanding administrative performance. Congratulations - it is well-earned!

2014.06.16 | Featured, Public/media

Lars Birkedal new Head of Department at Department of Computer Science

As from July 1, 2014 Lars Birkedal takes up the position as new Head of Department at the Department of Computer Science.

2014.06.16 | Featured, Public/media

Two MSc students from computer science winn MA thesis award for joint project

The two former students, Morten Kragelund Holt and Jens Johansen, won DSfD's MA thesis award 2013. The supervisors at all computer science departments were allowed to nominate only one project, after which the winning project was appointed from among five nominees MA theses.

2014.06.11 | Featured, Public/media

New research can save health care for millions in software development

Associate Professor Henrik Bærbak is one of the driving forces behind research that is clearing the way for using international standards in the healthcare system.

2014.06.04 | Featured, Public/media

Well-attended computer science day

On Friday, May 23 the Department of Computer Science hosted Computer Science Day, where more than 100 students and employees got a brief presentation of the various research projects in the different research groups.

2014.06.04 | Featured, Public/media

IT students develop success-app to replace traditional tickets

Four undergraduate student from Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University have developed a ticket service, which makes paper, ticket fees and unnecessary waiting time old news.

2014.06.03 | Featured, Public/media

Kasper Green Larsen receives Aarhus University Research Foundation PhD award

Kasper Green Larsen receives the award for a new formula which solves a fundamental mathematical-computer science problem.

2014.05.23 | Featured, Public/media

SummerPIT 2014

Like last year, PIT will host SummerPIT, which will take place in August 12-16 2014. SummerPIT brings together international researchers from across PIT-related research areas, local researchers, and PhD students.

2014.05.21 | Featured, Public/media, Conference, IT, computer science and mathematics , Private and public companies, Staff, Students


This years edition of the Madalgo Summer School will take place on August 11-14, 2014 at Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO) at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University

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