CTIC hosts China Theory Week

2014.10.07 | Public/media, Staff, Featured, Awards

Newly graduated IT-product developers from CS winners of DM in app development

The unofficial Danish championship in app development, Appy Days, was held from 22 to 23 September 2014, and two of our newly graduated IT product developers, Jesper Lysgaard Rasmussen and Tobias Fjelsted Alrøe, won with an application created in collaboration with the ARoS Art Museum.

2014.09.25 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

PhD student Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh develops method for better search results.

PhD student Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh has developed a method which, by means of graphic cards provides better search results. It costs too much computer power and takes too long,which are some of the reasons why we do not get the cheapest price when we search for the hotel closest to the beach.

2014.09.11 | Students, Featured, Public/media

Four Computer Science students claim top prize in ESA Space App Camp

4 students from the Department of Computer Science, AU won an App competition held by The European Space Agency (ESA) in May 2014.

2014.09.10 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

Michael Edelgaard Caspersen gives opening talk at ACM Europe’s open panel discussion

Michael Edelgaard Caspersen is one of the panelist in ACM Europe’s open panel discussions with "The Need to Improve Computer Science Education in Europe" that takes place in Athens on September 19, 2014.

2014.09.03 | Public/media

Workplace evaluation 2013 - action plans completed

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee has completed the action plans related to the workplace evaluation 2013. See the aggregated action plans (in Danish)

2014.09.01 | Staff, Featured, People , Public/media

Sven Skyum celebrated

On Friday 5 September 2014 the Department of Computer Science celebrated the retirement of Sven Skyum. Sven Skyum has been part of Aarhus University since 1965. In 1971 he became the first student at DAIMI(Datalogisk Afdeling i Matematisk Institut), the forerunner of the Department of Computer Science. In the following decades, he played a key…

2014.08.13 | Conference, Featured

Conference on Robo-philosophy


2014.08.07 | Featured, Public/media

Computer science student managed to get through the eye of the needle at Google

Asger Feldthaus, student at Department of Computer Science, got through the eye of the needle and got a 3-month internship at Google in Aarhus with an opportunity to be close to the development of Google's new programming languages, Darts.

2014.08.06 | Featured, Public/media

235 new students have been enrolled at our two bachelor programmes.

This year the total number of accepted Bachelor Students of 235 will mark a record intake, slightly increasing the level of 220-225 from the preceding three years.

2014.06.27 | Featured, Public/media

Kurt Jensen is stepping down after fifteen years as Head of Department

In the fifteen years since his appointment, during a period of rapid development, he has played a key role in getting a broad and diverse field of research in dialogue together, creating Denmark’s strongest IT department.

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