Special talk by Davide Mottin on Graph exploration: graph search made easy

2018.02.27 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

Date Wed 14 Mar
Time 11:00 12:00
Location 5335-295 Nygaard Møderum


The increasing interest in social networks, knowledge graphs, protein-interaction, and many other types of networks has raised the question how users can explore such large and complex graph structures easily.

In this regard, graph exploration has emerged as a complementary toolbox for graph management, graph mining, or graph visualization in which the user is a first class citizen.

Graph exploration combines and expands database, data mining, and machine learning approaches with the user eye on one side and the system perspective on the other.

The talk shows how graph exploration can considerably support any analysis on graphs in a fresh and exciting manner, by combining interactive methods, personalized results, adaptive structures, and scalable algorithms.

I describe the recent efforts for a graph exploration stack which supports interactivity, personalization, adaptivity, and scalability through intuitive and efficient techniques we recently proposed.

The current methods show encouraging results in reducing the effort of experts and novice users in finding the information of interests through example-based approaches, personalized summaries, and active learning theories.

Finally, I present the vision for the future in graph exploration research and show the chief challenges in databases, data analysis, and machine learning.

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