CS Colloquium - Susanne Bødker: What would it take to establish an open and malleable Fjæsbog 2.0 (TM), and why don’t we?

2018.04.23 | Andreas Birch Olsen

Date Wed 09 May
Time 15:15 16:00
Location Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium (5335-016)


With starting point in her newly started ERC grant, Susanne Bødker will talk about the digital objects that people, in everyday life as well as work and study, share and collaborate around. Based on some cases she will present her initial thoughts for a model of objects for sharing and collaboration over time, activities and technological platforms. In addition she will present her thoughts about how we should design such digital objects in the future.  

This talk will be about collaboration, privacy and malleability regarding technological platforms that people share. The starting point will be in case studies of known technological platforms that we share, including Facebook, Blackboard and Google docs. Based on analyses of a number of examples and cases, the talk will move on to address the limitations and possibilities of such technologies regarding collaboration, privacy and malleability. This will lead to a discussion of what helps and hinders the development and establishing of an open and malleable Fjæsbog 2.0 (TM).


Honorary Lecture

Susanne Bødker's talk is the last out of three lectures in honor of three distinguished professors at the Department of Computer Science. After the talk, there will be a small reception outside the auditorium.

ERC Advanced Grants are awarded to exceptional research managers who have already achieved outstanding research results. Susanne Bødker received the grant to strengthen her ground-breaking research in user interfaces for complex human use of computers.  

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